Foo Fighters Tour 2015

When it comes to live shows no one knows how to put on a better performance than the guys from this band. This rock ‘n roll make a group is sure to give you an amazing show. If you want to see the foo fighters tour 2015 you should be sure to buy tickets before you’re out of time. You only have a few months left to see a show from this year’s concerts. If you look below you’ll see that we have all of their dates listed.

This year’s concerts are entitled the sonic highways world tour. The reason why they chose this name is because they just put out a brand-new record that bears the same name sonic highways. Along with their brand-new CD, they will be visiting a bunch of new countries on this year’s concerts. They will be putting on a live performances in all sorts of countries that they have never been to before. Some of the countries are South Africa, South Korea, and Columbia just to name a couple of them. When you are adding entirely new countries to your life performance roster, you know that you are continuing to gain traction! How far can these guys go? We would just have to wait and see!

They have been playing shows for quite a while up until this point. The first concert that they put on for the sonic highways tour was in December. Interestingly enough the first country that they visited it was South Africa, which as I mentioned before was a brand-new destination for the band. They didn’t stay in the African continent for long though, they headed over to South America to play several shows there in countries like Brazil and Columbia. Once they were done in those sorts of places, they finally went to where they are super popular like Europe, Canada, and America. They also played many shows in Asia as well. Lots of bands say that they are going worldwide with their concerts, but this is one group who really backs up their word.

It wasn’t even certain that they would be able to keep playing shows because their lead singer Dave Grohl got injured while performing when they played a show in June. Just to prove how tough this guy is, he actually managed to finish the show with a broken leg! Due to Drs. orders though he had to recuperate for a few months before he was able to continue playing more concerts. They definitely lost a lot of revenue due to this injury, quite unfortunate as those extra sales could have pushed them even further up the two were charts. Now with Dave’s injury all healed up, the foo fighters tour 2015 is back on the road and they are rocking harder than ever.

If you go to one of their shows there’s a good chance that you will see some other celebrity guest stars show up on stage with them. Some of the unlikely faces that wound up rocking out with the band are members of the red hot chili peppers, and even rage against the machine. They’ve been teasing that they have some even bigger stars lined up for some of their future shows, it may just be when you go to see them! This just proves that you never have any idea always going to end up playing some of their songs at a foo fighters show!